APRIL 15, 2020

Luxury Property Expo Kyiv


Luxury property in Ukraine and abroad 



LUXURY PROPERTY - luxury property in Ukraine and abroad. 

Planning of expositions and conferences on luxury property abroad, investment citizenship and residency programmes. 

Luxury Property company is a part of Luxury Group Ukraine - the company specialising in premium services. LGU joins the best agents and business experts of various directions. Each company being a part of Luxury Group Ukraine specialises in rendering services for both Ukrainian and foreign clients.

Luxury Property
Exhibition Kyiv

Luxury Property Expo Kyiv by Luxury Group Ukraine will be held on April 15, 2020 — the event is focused on luxury property abroad, investment citizenship and residency programmes as well as private financial consulting. The expo will be held in one of the best Kyiv hotels - Fairmont Grand Hotel with leading companies from 15 world countries being involved in.


B2C (private individual) such as:

  • Potential immigrants
  • Property abroad buyers
  • International entrepreneurs 

B2B (professional guests):

  • Immigration agencies
  • Law firms
  • Property abroad agencies
  • Consulting companies
  • Investment funds 


  • Immigration companies
  •  Agents and luxury property developers 
  • Private banks
  • Financial consulting 


Property abroad

Property to be presented at the expo


  • Office buildings
  • Storage buildings
  • Retail
  • Purpose0designed facilities  (clinics, factories, etc.)
  • Others.


  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Purchase of single units or facility parts (units/apartments groups, floors, etc.) 
  • Others.


  • Flagship hotels 
  • Off-brand hotels
  • Hotels as ready-made business "on key-turn basis"
  • Hotel buildings 
  • Sole property hotel purchase 
  • On a shared basis
  • Partial buyout of a hotel (rooms, floors, buildings groups)
  • Others.


  • Building land
  • Purpose-designed buildings or projects.
  • Off-limits facilities — in any country. Concierge-service finds particular objects not available for sale and conducts sales negotiates with owners on Client's request.

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Luxury Property Expo 2020


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